3 Facts about Carrageenan that Guarantee Its Safety

Eating dairy products or other types of packed meals can bring real worry to people as they may contain the so called carrageenan. Never heard it before? Carrageenan is basically an ingredient derived from red seaweed that works as food thickener like gelatin. If it is used for food, it means that carrageenan is safe to consume; that is what you may conclude. However, some people do not believe in that since they are worried about carrageenan side effects to the digestive system such as ulceration and inflammation.

Hopefully, such panic does not make you stay away from foods with carrageenan. In fact, there are at least 3 evidences that prove the ingredient is just safe to use. Check this out:
Food-grade vs. degraded carrageenan

The reason why some are worried about the safety of carrageenan is probably this: food-grade and degraded carrageenan. Although they both come from the same plant, yet there is a big difference lies between them. Food-grade carrageenan has been used for years as food thickener while the degraded one, that is also called as poligeenan, has never been so because it is harmful and do not have thickening properties. Unfortunately, people do not know this fact and mistakenly associate the harm with food-grade carrageenan.
JEFCA approval

To make you even surer about the safety of carrageenan, here you will know that food-grade carrageenan has been independently evaluated by the Expert Committee on Food Additives or JECFA, an international panel of toxicologists who review data and develop recommendations about food ingredients. The committee determined that food-grade carrageenan was safe to consume with no limits on its use.

Different side effects on humans

Research shows that carrageenan side effects appear randomly in the creatures involved in the experiments and therefore, it cannot be absolutely concluded that the ingredient is dangerous. The point is, as long as you are have no allergies or abnormalities, consuming foods containing carrageenan is fine. Don’t worry.