The Guideline of Meditation

You could learn how to meditate, you could learn from the basic. It does not have to be about the history of the meditation. You could learn the basic process of the common meditation, from the start.
The basics
You start in establishing the daily practice. The meditation surely takes practice and time to learn. You need to do that to get the full benefits to be experienced. The consistency of the practice is important.
Next, you need to choose a location and time. Mostly, teachers will recommend finding a comfortable spot in your home where you will not be disturbed. It will help you to focus and feel safe.
You also need to learn proper posture. The goal of the meditation is to remain upright, tall and balanced in an erect posture with your back straight. It will allow you to breathe deeply.
After that, you need to drop any judgment. The result of the meditation which is purposed is to relieve the stress. The feeling of frustrating, overwhelmed, or disappointed with your wandering mind should be got rid of.
The instructions
It is started by setting your intention in the stage for what is possible during your meditation. Then, the benefits which you will take away are the purpose of this instruction.
After that, you take the time to relax the body. You may need to pay attention to areas where you likely hold some tension. It includes your jaw, eyebrows or around the eyes, forehead, chest, belly and next.
Then, you pay close attention to your senses. You focus on your body’s sensations which settle the wandering mind.
Next, you investigate what you are feeling. You can ask yourself when you feel unpleasant, painful, or different. When you remember about your past events, it should be taken away.
When the bad feeling happens, you need to keep coming back to the body. It should be the main focus and the key in the meditation.