What Is Cornhole?

Cornhole rules is also known as bean bag toss, dad hole, doghouse, Baggo, or Bags, and dummy boards. This is an American lawn game and in this game, the players take turns to throw the bag of corn. Besides the bags of corn, you also can use the bean bags. The players use it on a raised platform with a hole in the far end. When the bag turns into the hole, it scores 3 points while one point will be on the platform score.

Online Betting Portals Getting Popular Nowadays

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Towns in England

Small Summary of ReLIFE

Relife is a story that tells about a jobless man named Kaizaki. He feels bad and hopeless because he doesn't find any job. Every interview in certain company, he is the failure. Of course, it is not easy to run the days without having a job. Kaizaki is in 27 years old. Of course, in his age, he should have a good job so he can run the days happily. But, the fact is not like that.

What You Should Know about Carrageenan Cancer

It is true that it is not a Carrageenan cancer that you should call like that. The fact is that the carrageenan is a safe food ingredient is true. What makes the damage for our body is when you consume the poligeenan the type of the carrageenan which made from the harmful process and it is actually different from the carrageenan. So is it true that the carrageenan will not cause any damage even cancer for our body? Let’s find out the answer here.

How to Count Scores in Cornhole

Cornhole is a game where the players would have to alternately hurl packs without stepping out of a certain boundary. In the event that it hits the ground and bobs up on the board, expel it before some other sacks are tossed. On the off chance that it is hanging off the board and touching the ground, evacuate that also. When each of the eight packs has been hurled to the next side, you should count the score and pay attention to who is winning.


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