There are quite a lot of stories about professional bettors making a living out of sports betting and gaining thousands of dollars in a few hours after a particularly successful bet made, and while those stories might seem too good to be true the truth is there is a way you can follow their footsteps and be a lot richer in a very short time span if you are willing to take the risk and make a parlay bet as opposed to your regular money line or point spread ones.

A vast majority of sportsbooks, including sbobetonline, offers parlays bet, but it is often seen as daunting and incredibly risky compared to more popular types of bet, which is why there are far less bettors making parlay bets as opposed to those who are making money line or point spreads. In truth, parlay bets are those that allows you to make multiple selections from all offered matches currently up for a betting. Sportsbooks in general, such as sbobetonline, usually requires you to select three matches at the minimum before your bet could be counted as a parlay bet. Of course, it goes without saying that it is impossible to make two different selections from the same match, as the results of that match might affect each other.

The odds in parlay bets can be incredibly high, as the final odds are the result of the multiplication of all the individual odds of your selection. This is why winning in parlay bets can give you a huge amount of money in return of even the smallest investment, but there’s a catch--to win in parlay, all of your individual bets must be won, otherwise it will be counted as a lose. This is why this bet is also known as a high-risk, high-reward bet.